Matthew Myers Memorial Scholarship

Tradition and Connection Run Deep for Stang Family

Megan Stang wears many hats. She’s the executive director of University Housing Services, an avid runner, a mother and a wife.

But in the coming weeks, she’s going to dust off the one hat she’s worn every October for the past eight years: her Matt’s Run cap.

Not only has Stang participated in every Matt’s Run since the event’s inception in 2006, she’s been accompanied by her husband, Mike, and their 5-year-old daughter, Madeleine, since she was born. She even has the pictures to prove it.

Stang reflected on why she and her family are involved in the event every year.

“It’s very ‘Cal Poly’ to me, and it’s become one of our traditions. It has professional and personal meanings for me. I have my whole little team, the three of us, come out for it.”

Her “team” will suit up for the ninth consecutive year for an event that has become a part of her and the lives of her family.

“It’s all my worlds together in some ways,” says Stang. “It’s one of those things that we do everything to try not to miss. I’m not always the first to sign up, but I would never miss it.”

The race is more than a tradition or family stroll around Cal Poly Pomona’s campus for Stang. She watched the campus galvanize itself in the aftermath of Matthew Myers’ death; she has a deeper connection to the event.

“I was working here when the accident happened,” she says. “It was a really tough day, and subsequent days, on campus. It was nice to see something so positive come out of it. I had really just started running, so it kind of started this thing that is really a very huge component of my life.”

For yet another year, up the hill of University Drive, past the autumn-tinged trees that hug the rural farmland road of Agriscapes, past the vineyards and through the horse-flanked trail of Cal Poly Pomona’s stables, the Stangs’ will complete Matt’s Run and exemplify what the event is all about.

Then, Stang will hang up her cap until next year.